An Exclusive Freight Group

Managed by it's members




About Us

Revolution365 is an exclusive freight group that is managed by its members and not for profit. Our ethos is to provide a secure global network of likeminded independent partners with single representation in each region of the world. While it is impossible to insist that all of our members work exclusively with each other we do insist that members communicate with each other respectfully and that each member supports all others within the region they are representing.


Regional Principals

One Member Per Region. We believe that for our group to function effectively members should uniquely represent their region.

Promote Your Region Only. While we are happy to work with parties who have multiple international offices, this is on the understanding that they are only allowed to promote the region they are representing to our group members.

The Group Relies On You. Since our exclusive group protects its members with sole representation, it is important that members remain committed to supporting others with fast and reliable service and communication for fellow members.

Management Of Our Exclusive Freight Group

Our freight group is NOT managed by one person or one company, but is run by multiple members. We encourage members to play a part in our development and to voice constructive opinions to improve the group for the benefit of all members. Our annual meeting will include open discussions on our management and development and we encourage members to contribute regularly to our forums.


To discuss management issues, new memberships and sensitive information: