2018 AGM Discussion Notes

by | May 10, 2018

Annual General Meeting – Dusit Thani Hotel, Manila 6th– 9th April 2018

-Meeting Discussion Notes-



We discussed all non-attending members and why they could not be here. The panel appreciates that this meeting was arranged at short notice to members and understands members prior commitments to business / family matters.



We reiterated the fact that our network should only be occupied by companies that are recommended by current members. The only exception to this will be areas where no members currently do business and we receive an application.

It was agreed by the panel that Aaras-Projects in Pakistan membership would be terminated due to non-communication / commitment. Pakistan is now open for a new member. We ask members to submit / introduce any agent they feel would benefit our network to the admin team for processing.

Nigeria member – Settle Systems Nigeria Limited – Membership application was lost. Instructed admin to resend application forms.

We all agreed that the application process should be updated to include requiring two references from companies that the applicant is working with. Members MUST provide their freight liability insurance details on application.

It was decided that our one member per country should be relaxed on certain areas, China being the country we need more agents in currently. It was agreed that we would add two more agents to China. Members are asked to reach out to their contacts for new membership. All other areas will remain the same with one member per region.

It was agreed that a focus on South American membership is a top priority, we will actively seek new members in the following regions:









Following this we need support in the following areas





Hong Kong


Sri Lanka


Please let the new membership team (Henry / Mark / Bin) know of any agents you feel could fill the regions mentioned above. Again, please remember we only want to reach out to members that are known, trusted and will benefit all members in the network.



Sharing local costs with members

It was agreed that all current members would share their local charges for air and sea freight clearance, handling and delivery where possible. Members to send charges to be uploaded to their membership page on website (admin@revolution365.net) Also send a copy of their freight liability insurance policy, any certificates or licences or any other information they feel relevant. All information should be sent in either pdf, word or excel formats. For examples of information provided by members, please visit Evolution Forwarding member page where you can see the type of useful information that has been uploaded.



How to protect members from non-payment / bad debt

The network cannot be held responsible for bad debt between companies doing business together. Companies need to establish an agent agreement between themselves, do their own due diligence, credit applications, set credit limits, etc.

It was agreed that an agency agreement and credit application template will be circulated to R365 members to use.




Communication / website

It was agreed by all that our website was not being used to its full potential. The members area has only been accessed by a small number of members and that members have not uploaded any documents relevant to their business.

We all agreed that the members area and forums section was the correct place to share information regarding members, industry news, special rates etc. and therefore an effort must be made by all to start using the members section more in future.

As it has been such a long time since anyone had “logged on” to the members section, we will ask admin to reconfirm with members how to log on and set user names and passwords.



Collective buying power

It was agreed that we would approach airlines / NVOCC to discuss the possibility of agreeing contract rates for all members.



Panel roles and responsibilities / rotation of panel members

It was agreed that there will always be a minimum of 4 founding network members on the managing panel. It was discussed the best way to decide which members will step down from the panel and which members would replace them was to “draw from the hat” at every annual AGM. Only those members wishing to act on the panel will be placed in to the hat.


Panel responsibilities will be split in to three sections for the next year:

AGM / conference– Jack / Abbasi

Website / Treasury / administration– Terry / Henry

New membership recruitment– Henry / Mark / Bin



As we are trying to keep the overall cost of the network to a minimum for members, it was agreed that Terry would investigate banking and ways in which we can collect funds from members and pay expenses to suppliers. As all are aware, the anti-money laundering rules in each country differ and it is extremely difficult to set up “not for profit” organisations without spending a significant amount of money on lawyers, accountants, etc.


Terry will look in to two options:

UK bank account for Revolution365

Paypal online business account for Revolution365

Terry will advise current members of findings and agree the best option for all.



Next AGM – 2019

It was agreed by all at the AGM that the conference for 2019 will be held in Kuala Lumpur with members arriving Friday 5thApril, conference 6th& 7thand leave on Monday 8th2019. Jack and Abbasi will begin working on the venue and format of the conference and full details will be published on the website no later than July 2018.

Should an issue arise where Kuala Lumpur becomes not possible due to an unforeseen circumstance, the panel will put in place an alternative destination and advise all members accordingly.




Closing words

The 2018 AGM was very beneficial and clarified several issues that were confusing to some members. Future AGM’s will also differ from other networks allowing members to get to know each other not only through business, but personally, building up lasting friendships and trust. Full details of our next conference will be published in the third quarter of this year.

Our network is like no other, low costs shared between all members, honesty and transparency promoted to help build each other’s business, opening up new trade lanes for members and help and support through a brotherhood of likeminded companies around the world.


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New Member – Bulgaria

New Member – Bulgaria

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New Member – Pakistan

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New Member – The Netherlands

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We still have country memberships open for some locations in the Far East, South East Asia, The Indian Subcontinent and the Middle East. Email info@revolution365.net for further details.



We still have country memberships open for some locations in Oceania. Email info@revolution365.net for further details.



We still have country memberships open for some locations in Africa. Email info@revolution365.net for further details.



We still have country memberships open for some locations in Europe. Email info@revolution365.net for further details.

North & South America


We still have country memberships open for some locations in Central America, South America and the Caribbean. Email info@revolution365.net for further details.